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For over 30 years, abs s.r.l., founded by a tenacious family of blacksmiths from the brianza region in the 1960s, has been machining carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and copper pipes.

the company’s headquarters is still in molteno, where the production department that performs most types of machining is also based. a couple of decades ago, the production units in oggiono and costamasnaga were added, the first dealing with large volume jobs and the second with work requiring greater precision.

our business is primarily a service, performed at the specific request of the customer.

our strengths have always been:

punto_elenco Flexibility: we are able to satisfy requests ranging from millions of pieces to samples and the production of just a few units, with deliveries that are scheduled, at the customer’s request or urgent in a very short space of time;
punto_elenco Production range: in addition to various types of cutting, we can offer customers countless additional operations, such as threading, bending, turning, coning, tumbling, deformation, washing etc. in addition, we cooperate with qualified external companies for all types of surface treatment.
punto_elenco technology: our machinery is constantly updated and we have over 50 systems, 25 of which are dedicated to cutting;
punto_elenco Quality: since 2000, we have been iso 9001 certified, currently updated to the 2008 edition.

Most of our products are used in the automotive, furniture, building, household appliance and hydraulics sectors etc.

we have been working with major pipe manufacturers for ten years, and our customers include several groups operating in the automotive sector.

Three sites for a total of 5,000 dedicated to pipe machining.


Abs - Costa Masnaga site
Abs-Sede di Molteno
Abs-Oggiono site
Costa masnaga site
production department
cutting, butting threads and bevelling
Molteno site
legal and administrative headquarters.
production department, cutting. brushing,
washing, pipe deformation
Oggiono site
production department
multi-head cutting